Guest Book

7/30/08 - David, just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated the hospitality that you and your wife gave to me while assisting with the stay of our vacation rental. We found the condo very comfortable, clean, and easy access to everywhere we needed to get to, including all the Disney Parks. I can't wait for our next vacation to Orlando as our hopes that your condo will be available. I have spoken to several friends and have recommended they contact you if they are going to be vacationing in Orlando. Can't wait to get back. Thanks again! Illinois, USA

- Derek

21-26 July 2008 - Dear Karen and Dave - We had a wonderful time in your home. My kids (Natasha and Tanya) were very excited by the Mickey Mouse room. This was our first holiday in years and your home made it even more great. Thanks and Best Wishes. New Jersey, USA

- Ragasekaran, Madher, Natasha, and Tanya

7/13/08 - 7/19/08 - Karen and Dave - Your home here is great - very clean, comfortable, and beautifully decorated (I have the same area rug and throw at my house). This being our first time to Florida (and our longest family vacation), your information in the binder and via e-mail was extremely helpful. You were very pleasant to talk to on the phone and e-mail, and your binders and notes were a big plus. I am very glad we stayed here - we had a great time. Unfortunately, the weather did not fully cooperate, as it was very wet most of the week, but we made the best of it. Thanks. Missouri, USA

- Steve and Angie

4-13 July 2008 - Karen and Dave, you are so blessed to have this wonderful home to share it with so many! Thank you for letting Juan and I and our family stay for the week we asked for. This vacation was a perfect one compared to all the others that we have taken. Juan and Bill (Natalie's husband) played ping pong and out of 30 games or more, Bill only won 2. Juan was an expert while Bill was just as good! We went swimming - loved the pool, and we also checked out the game room. Our vacation also consisted of Disney, Universal, Sea World, Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Bush Gardens, Animal Kingdom, Mystery Dinner, and Pat Benetar Concert at the Hard Rock Cafe - we were busy! We used the kitchen in the morning, but ate out for lunch and dinner. Your place is like home away from home, except with no stress, just relaxation and happiness. When my mom died in 1995, we went to Florida; now my dad just passed away on June 25 and buried on July 1, 2008 and we went to Florida. Being here, I felt close to my mom and dad. We will always be thankful to you for letting us do this. God Bless you and your family. Eastampton, New Jersey, USA

- Diane, Juan, Natalie, Bill, Breanna, and Debbie

6/30/08 - Thank you for letting us stay at your condo. It was so beautiful and nice to have a place of "our own" while on vacation. We felt comfortable right away and it made our trip even nicer. Lumberton, New Jersey, USA.

- Diane, Megan, and Sean

6/28/08 - Thank you very much for the use of your beautiful condo. It made our vacation so much more personal and very comfortable after our long hot days in the parks. It was nice to come back to a spacious home instead of one room. We felt at home and appreciate your hospitality. Eastampton, New Jersey, USA.

- Rich and Dorothy

6/16/08 - Your place is so beautiful; it was so perfect for our family. The size was perfect to fit our rather large family. The condo is in a perfect position; very close to Disney. We have been to Florida many times, and this is, by far, one of the nicest places we have stayed! The pool area was great - wish we had more time to use it. Our kids loved the game area too. Just can't get enough ping-pong. Thank you again. We will be sure to hang onto your e-mail for when we return to Orlando the next time. Thanks. Michigan, USA

- Steven and Michelle

6/14/08 - It was wonderful. The place was beautiful. We really, really enjoyed it and it was perfect for me because I have a boy and a girl who are older and they didn't want to share a room. Thanks again. We would love to go back again. Doylestown, Pennsylvania, USA

- Paula

6/3/08 - Just a follow-up on our visit to Orlando. We had a great time. The accommodations were outstanding. For a family of 6 there is not a better way to stay. Hotels don't work - as you need to rent two rooms - plus you have 1/2 the room. It was very relaxing. Thank you!!

- Scott

6/2/08 - Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful condo! We all had a great time. My daughter just loved the Disney room. She did not want to leave. We did 4 days at Disney; a park a day and we loved it!. Your Disney book was very helpful. Thanks. With 4 kids, the size of your condo was perfect! Thanks so much. Waupun, Wisconsin, USA.

- Scott, Gayle, Jessica, Alyssa, Derek , and Makayla

5/26/08 - Thank you so much for making this an awesome place to vacation. The condo is beautiful. The decorations are perfect, and my whole family had a wonderful time. You guys were great hosts and I know you will have many amazing memories here, and because of your kindness, so will a lot of other people! Thanks again. Robbinsville, New Jersey, USA

- Kim, Tom, Jaemin, Susan, Charles, Vicki, and Jason

13-20 May 2008 - Thanks again for the use of your home away from home. It was our third time staying here and we know for sure that we will be back. This trip we visited Winter Park, a beautiful town about 25 miles from here. I highly recommend visiting there if possible. It has great shopping (not Disney items), great food, and beautiful homes around Lake Mary. It reminds you of a smaller version of Rodeo Drive. The streets are made of brick. Thanks again. Columbus, New Jersey, USA

- Gail and Bill

5/7/08 - Hello! We absolutely loved this home for our vacation. Not only is it beautiful and as comfortable as home, but the location is perfect too! My girls loved the pool. Florence, New Jersey, USA

- Dawn, Steve, Diana, and Carolyn

4/19/08 - We had a wonderful vacation at Disney and staying in your condo. It is so lovely and was perfect for our stay. The best part is how close it is to Disney and other attractions. We loved the community pool too! Houston, Texas, USA.

- The Ruder Family

4/8/08 - Thank you for such a beautiful accommodation during our Disney vacation. Your condo is very well decorated and beautiful - we found it quite easy to call home! Ottawa, Canada

- Ross, Anne Marie, Laura, and Brandon